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Hypercom POS Terminals Credit Card Equipment

Hypercom Products

Hypercom’s Artema Desk provides a powerful platform for making fast and secure card payments in environments where a dedicated merchant console is required. Artema Desk supports IP-based communication technology and dial up (land line) capability as a fallback option.

When combined with a secure PIN pad, Artema Desk allows merchants to accept all card types from magnetic stripe to Chip and PIN.


* Debit
* Credit
* Prepaid
* Loyalty
* Dynamic currency conversion


* EMV Level 1 & 2


Multi-line Graphic Display Easy-Click Instant Paper Loading Colour Options Available

Product Data

High-end Features Combined with Top-Level Performance

* Powerful — 32-bit RISC processor and large memory capacity
* Full functionality — Fits the requirements of the most demanding international markets
* High-end features — Large display with ATM keys and full-size paper reel
* Flexible — Modular communication options
* Easy-to-use — Instant paper loading feature and large keys to minimize errors

Powerful Payment Platform

* 32-bit RISC processor, large memory capacity, Easy-Click instant paper loading, and fast printing
* Handles all applications compliant with the latest industry requirements including EMV, dynamic currency conversion, loyalty cards, electronic purse, and healthcare
* Provides a heavy-duty payment solution with multiple options for merchants world-wide

Multiple Communication Options

* Available options include high speed V34 modem, ISDN or Ethernet module
* Offers the connectivity and speed required for large data transfers as well as standard transactions
* Supports dual means of communication, enabling merchants to benefit from IP-based communication technology as well as maintaining a fallback option to the land line

Simple and Easy to Use

* Easy-Click instant paper loading feature, combined with the large printer reel, means that minimum time is lost through paper changing
* Large, well-spaced keys facilitate amount entry and help avoid errors
* Three navigation keys and optional “ATM keys” combined with the multi-line graphic display create a highly intuitive interface for busy merchants

Designed for International Use

* Graphic display can handle a variety of alphabets and character sets
* Universal power supply provides unmatched flexibility for operating over a range of input voltages
* Optional 3 track magnetic stripe reader guaranties management of all card types
* Multimedia Card™ option delivers unrivalled storage capacity
* Combined with an external PIN pad, Artema Desk can be used in all markets worldwide

Optional Accessories

S10 PIN Pad

Modular Software Downloads

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Processor • 32-bit RISC processor
Memory • 4 MB - 12 MB Flash
• 512 KB - 1 MB RAM
Card Readers • Bi-directional magnetic stripe reader (ISO 1/2, 2/3, 1/2/3)
• Chip card reader ISO 7816 (synchronous & asynchronous)
• Optional 2nd smart card reader
• 2 - 4 SAM connectors
• MMC connector (16 or 32 MB)
Printer • Easy-Click instant paper loading
• Fast thermal printer: 12 lines/second
• 24/32/40 columns
• High-resolution graphics
• Large paper roll: 56 mm
Display • 132 x 64 pixel, backlit
• 8 lines x 22 characters
Keypad • 17 keys, including 3 navigation keys
• 6 menu keys
• Acoustic beep
Communication Modules • V.34 modem
• Dual communication capability
Interfaces • 3 x RS-232 ports (2 powered)
• Speed programmable up to 115,200 bps
Power Supply • Universal 100 - 230V, 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions • 4.17 in (l) x 5.07 in (w) x 10.43 in (h)
• 106 mm (l) x 129 mm (w) x 265 mm (h)
Weight (Including Paper Roll) • 1.94 lbs
• 880 g
Approvals • EMV Level 1 & 2
Software and Services • Multi-application
• Modular software downloads
• Software Development Kit (SDK)