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H-50 Blue BambooThe H-50 Wireless Terminal uses Modular Communication Modules. GPRS, Blue Tooth, Wi-Fi.

Blue Bamboo specializes in providing fast, reliable and industry compliant wireless electronic payment technology that enhances mobile workforce productivity and security without the premium cost.


With its sleek design, the H50 wireless POS Terminal is ideal for businesses operating in mobile environments who need to secure electronic payments in an easy, portable and affordable manner. The H50 has a large menu driven LCD display to quickly navigate through POS payment applications along with mag-stripe and smart card readers that enable acceptance of credit, debit, gift and loyalty, and stored value cards as required in the field.



Companies today rely on their mobile workforce to enhance services and sales in a more proficient and secure manner. The Blue Bamboo H50 Terminal delivers fast, reliable and secure EMV (Level 1 & 2) and PCI-PED compliant payment transactions. Created with portability in mind, the sleek, ergonomic, and light weight design of the H50 is suitable for a variety of mobile environments.


Out of the box, the Blue Bamboo H50 gives merchants the rich feature set they expect from a wireless payment device without paying the premium cost. By swiping cards at the point-of-sale, merchants benefit from time savings and enhanced customer experience while increasing sales, reducing processing fees, reducing fraud and minimizing losses occurring from non-swiped transactions; all of which contribute to a quick return on investment.

It is a favorite of all mobile merchants requiring on-the-spot acceptance and approval of credit/debit cards and checks.

It improves merchant cash flow and reduces costs related to card-not present or dishonored checks.

The return on investment is often months, not years.

Stand Alone Wireless Long Life Battery Charge Rugged Reliable Works Anywhere Credit Cards Pin Debit / Off Line Debit Check Verification Check Guarantee.

H-50 Charging Cradle Bamboo Wireless Terminal H-50 Car Charger H-50 Comunication