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Vx810 VerifoneThe Vx 810 DUET is the payment industry’s most advanced dual-user compact countertop solution. It is a stylish, user-friendly two-in-one device that brings the best features of a top-of-the-line countertop payment solution with the ease and flexibility of a highly ergonomic handover device.

It’s the perfect combination of dual attraction and dual function. Its exceptional design is based on its dual nature – an easy to hand over PIN pad that sits on a base unit containing a thermal printer, high speed modem, and a range of connectivity choices. With PCI PED and EMV approvals, it also is a part of Vx Solutions, delivering unmatched compatibility and performance to merchants worldwide.


Merchants get an extensive feature set including the best-in-class user interface, plenty of memory for multiple applications, and an array of connectivity choices – plus the reliability, compatibility and versatility of VeriFone’s proven Vx Solutions family of devices.

The Vx 810 DUET is perfect for fast transactions, such as smart card, mag stripe, contactless, and PIN-based debit – making it ideal for high-volume points of sale.

Dual-facing functionality in one sleek countertop solution

VeriFone’s VX 810 DUET offers a complete countertop payment solution with a sleek payment interface for easy use. With the VX 810 DUET, both merchants and customers benefit from the device’s true dual-user functionality, speeding payments and improving customer service right at the point of sale. The exceptional design of the unit is based in its dual nature—an easy to hand over PIN pad that sits on a base unit containing a thermal printer and high-speed modem. And the device is flexible, offering a range of connectivity choices for any environment, including Ethernet, USB and serial ports.

Designed for high-volume points of sale

The VX 810 DUET is perfect for fast transactions, such as smart card, mag stripe, contactless and PIN-based debit—making it ideal for high-volume POS. Another great feature: the Secure Digital IO (SDIO) expansion port allows modular contactless capabilities and future-proof upgrades. The extraordinary usability of the VX 810 DUET comes from its dedication to maximum user interface (MAXui) in a small footprint. The interface is intuitive, with a large white backlit display, and the large keypad offers familiar, ATM-style keys. A printer is located in the base unit, providing easy handover of a lightweight, comfortable PIN pad unit to customers. The VX 810 DUET’s proven Verixbased operating system allows merchants to get up and running quickly, utilizing tools and knowledge for application development while minimizing software certifications. Flexible, secure encryption via VeriShield file authentication reduces fraud and misuse. Dual-user functionality, sleek interface, modular expansion, reliable performance. VeriFone’s VX 810 DUET. All in one. Two in one.