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Hypercom POS Terminals Credit Card Equipment

Hypercom Products

Hypercom’s Artema Compact is an all-in-one countertop payment terminal. For use in traditional retail environments, Artema Compact allows merchants to accept all types of card payment with PIN. By combining amount entry and PIN authentication in a single unit, Artema Compact also provides merchants with a convenient and space-saving card payment solution.

Artema Compact can handle all applications compliant with the latest industry tandards, such as smart cards, electronic purse, age verification and gift/loyalty cards.


* EMV Level 1 & 2


* Debit
* Credit
* Prepaid
* Loyalty
* Dynamic currency conversion

Simple to use Optional device color Integrated privacy shield

Product Data

Multi-Application Combined with Secure PIN Entry

* Powerful — 32-bit RISC processor and large memory capacity
* Multiple communication options — Dial-up modem, Ethernet & ADSL routers
* Easy to use — Instant paper loading feature and intuitive user interface
* Robust ergonomics — Designed to withstand intensive daily use
* Secure — Internal PIN pad meets latest security standards

Outstanding Performance

* All the key ingredients for successful card transactions: 32-bit RISC processor, large memory capacity, ease-of-use, instant paper loading, and fast printing
* Handles all applications compliant with the latest industry standards, such as smart cards, gift and loyalty cards, age verification and electronic purse
* Numerous options available to meet the most demanding point-of-sale requirements

Multiple Communication Options

* Supports a variety of communications options, from high speed dial-up modem, to Ethernet for connection to local area networks, and ADSL routers
* Able to support two types of communication at a time
* Ideal for merchants who want to benefit from the advantages of IP, whilst maintaining a back-up connection to the land-line

Secure PIN Entry

* Internal PIN pad meets the latest payment industry security standards, for all debit, credit and e-purse schemes using chip or magnetic stripe technology

Simple and Easy to Use

* “Easy-Click” instant paper loading feature, saves precious time
* Large, well-spaced backlit keys facilitate amount entry and help avoid errors
* Three clearly marked navigation keys combined with the multi-line graphic display create a highly intuitive user interface
* Unique robust mono-cable allows the terminal to be handed easily from the cashier to the cardholder, whilst reducing clutter on the counter
* Easy installation through colour-coded connectors

Optional Accessories

S10 PIN Pad

Modular Software Downloads

Software Development Kit (SDK)


Processor • 32-bit RISC processor
Memory • 4 MB - 12 MB Flash
• 1 MB - 4 MB RAM
• Optional: 16 MB SD/MMC
Card Readers • Bi-directional magnetic stripe reader (ISO 1/2, 2/3, 1/2/3)
• Chip card reader (synchronous & asynchronous)
• 2 SAM connectors
• 3rd SAM or SD/MMC connector as option
Internal PIN pad • Compliant with EMV PIN requirements
• 3-DES, RSA
Printer • Easy-Click instant paper loading
• Fast thermal printer: 12+ lines/second
• High-resolution graphics
• Paper length: 25 m
Display • 132 x 64 pixel, backlit
• 8 lines x 22 characters
Keypad • 17 keys, including 3 navigation keys, backlit
• Acoustic beep
Communication Modules • V.34 modem
• LAN – factory installed or field upgradeable
• GPRS (via Artema ECB)
Interfaces • 2 x RS 232 (for external PIN pad or contactless reader)
• Speed programmable up to 115,200 bps
• Robust mono-cable with voltage protection
Power Supply • Universal 100 - 230 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Footprint • 9.76 in (l) x 3.30 in (w) x 2.75 in (h)
• 248 mm (l) x 84 mm (w) x 70 mm (h)
Weight • 1.38 lbs
• 630 g
Approvals • EMV Level 1 & 2
Software and Services • Multi-application
• Modular software
Downloads • Software Development Kit (SDK)
• SDLC, FastConnect, FastPOS