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Everything your costumer needs to process credit cards.

Corporate Merchant Solutions, Inc. has mastered the skills required to provide quality service to what is considered by many in the industry to be the most difficult to understand segment – Lodging.

As a hotel owner, general manager, or controller you are aware that smooth credit card processing is probably one of the most important aspects of your business – 24 hours a day. For vacation rental companies and timeshare merchants we work closely with exs systems, to ensure our network is compatible with timeshare business pos systems.

With credit cards, you can allow your guests to hold their reservations with some form of payment. If they do not cancel by a certain agreed upon time, depending on your contract you can then keep a portion of the money you would have received if they had kept their reservations.

Making reservations with a credit card also makes things easier on your customers. While you can certainly ask them to send you a check or a money order to hold their reservations, allowing them to pay with a credit card allows them to complete the transaction quickly and easily. In addition, it is actually less paperwork for you because your credit card transactions can be easily maintained in one account without you having to enter extra data on your own.

That is why we will place your account on the best network in the United States for processing lodging transactions – Powered by First Data. This reliable network maintains the highest level of security, uptime in the industry and provides world class customer service 24 hours a day.

Whether you own a hotel, motel or lodge, it is beneficial for you and your customers to accept credit cards for payment. The same is true if you sell travel shares, provide transportation, or offer any other service within the travel industry.

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