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Lipman Nurit POS Terminals Credit Card Equipment

Lipman Nurit Products

Nurit 8320The Ideal AII-in-One Solution

The NURIT 8320 is a secure and reliable landline terminal, which is easy-to-handle. As a compact all-in-one solution, it is specifically designed to respond to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
This high performance, multifunction POS incorporates a secure internal PIN pad, high-speed modem, and quiet, fast thermal printer, as well as magnetic card swipe and Smart Card reader.
Powerful processing capabilities support a multi-application environment, enabling the use of a variety of applications including EMV and magnetic stripe credit and debit; loyalty, gift, and proprietary cards; checks; and prepaid phone cards.
With optional Ethernet or RS-485 LAN and GSM/GPRS cellular modem, the NURIT 8320 provides communication options
for any location.

Cost-Effective and Convenient

This complete application flexibility assures that even the smallest businesses can offer the highest level of customer convenience - with the purchase ofjust one device.
Low cost of ownership is further assured by rapid transaction processing and fast downloading of software and parameters - as well as full application compatibility across all NURIT devices.Any application developed for a NURIT device can easily and smoothly run on the NURIT 8320.
In addition, the NURIT 8320 enables an economical migration to EMV in regions that are making the transition to Chip and PIN.

Security Standard

Meeting stringent Visa PED and MasterCard requirements, this sophisticated terminal offers an exceptionally high level of security, enabling secure transactions as well as secure software downloads.
The unique multi-application NURIT operating System prevents independent applications from accessing each other's data. Optionally tamper-resistant, tamper-evident, and tamper-responsive, the NURIT 8320 protects users from fraudulent intrusion and corruption.
The convenient privacy shield assures customers of confidentiality during PIN entry.

Multi-Market Flexibility

The NURIT 8320 is easily customized to meet the needs of merchants everywhere - whatever the type or scale of business.
Flexible branding options include: color of terminal, company logo, language support/fonts, and keyboard layout and functionality.
Customers can create a package of features to suit their specific requirements.

Security Options

The NURIT 8320 can be purchased with the precise level of security to match every type of business and terminal usage:
• As an all-in-one unit with secure Internal PIN Pad and privacy shield, it is ideal for businesses with occasional PIN transactions; the optional coiled combination cable enables easy hand-over to customers.
• As two separate units, a NURIT 8320 terminal plus a secure NURIT 292 external
PIN Pad, it is ideal for businesses with frequent PIN transactions.
A variety of other security features can be selected to meet each customer's unique needs.
• Modems can be ordered with speeds up to 56 kbps.
• Customized applications can be designed for specific industries/businesses.

End-to-End Compatibility

The NURIT 8320 was designed for across-the-board compatibility.
The sophisticated multi-application NURIT Operating System enables all applications - including a wide range of value added applications - to run on all NURIT terminals.
• Check Imager • Cash Register
• Barcode Reader
The terminal can be easily integrated with an assortment of external devices, including:
• External PIN Pad
• Signature Capture Pad

Simplified Operation & Management

Lipman's state-of-the-art NURIT Operating System (NOS 7) provides forward & backward compatibility among all NURIT products, and enables total flexibility in the development of customized applications.
The NURIT Control Center makes it easy to support your NURIT 8320 terminal network. The sophisticated yet intuitive management system supports a variety of back-office functions for dynamic markets. It enables control of remote terminals, and facilitates management ofthe wide range of market-specific applications that can run on NURIT 8320 terminals. Scalable and easily customized, the Control Center offers various downloading capabilities.The Control Center simplifies the development of terminal applications with customized personalization parameters.


• Meets MasterCard & Visa PED security requirements
• Internal PIN Pad with DES and triple DES
• Compact, ergonomically designed
• Fast, quiet, built-in thermal printer
• Large backlit graphical display
• Optional internal battery pack for up to five hours operating time
• Built-in modem
• Built-in Smart Card reader
• Fast 32-bit ARM 7 processor
• 4 SAM modules (optional)
• Multi-language font support
• Application software compatibility
• Various memory options